Pricing models

Dicky Communication has a number of pricing models that you can use depending on your company’s needs:

Project Basis: fixed price is based on project’s size and complexity. Dicky Communication will agree with its customer beforehand the total cost and timeline of the development prior to the start of the project. The bigger the project, the lower the cost. This model is well suited for customers that have clear specification documents and project scope. Dicky Communication offers milestone based payment on fixed price projects.

Hourly basis: customer pays an agreed hourly rate based on the professional talents and the amount of prepaid hours they’ll require. The bigger the hours package, the lower the cost. Hours needed for a project or assets are agreed with the client before each development. This model gives companies greater flexibility to alter the project specification or deliverables on an ongoing basis based on upcoming marketing needs; therefore it is ideal for companies that can’t estimate their monthly marketing demand.

Monthly Fee: This option is best for large, long-lasting technology projects with measurable phases or monthly on-going marketing campaigns. This model reinforces progress monitoring and reduces risks in large projects. Customers pay a monthly fee based on the service level agreement and the composition and size of the project team. Ideal for customers that need a 24-hour estimated time of response or less.

Dedicated team: This option is best suited for medium and large businesses interested in online demand generation and marketing outsourcing. Dedicated offshore development teams are the best approach for projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. Companies interested in reducing their costs with services outsourcing can find a customized solution with Dicky Communication’s dedicated team model. Dicky Communication offers competitive prices, international service level agreements and of course, protection of customer’s Intellectual Property. Success Story: SAP.com Latin America Corporate Web maintenance. Contact us to learn more about this success story.